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hello. nice to meet you. call me grace.

i like cartoons, comics, anime, slash, superheroes, stuff. i fanfic, and i draw, and play with photoshop. i'm just your average fangirl with thoughts of the pervy variety. and i like slash. did i mention the slash?

check out my writing/graphics in 'navigate'!

little gift for Abby, since i already did the matrimony fics. may there be many happy days in front of you!

Dick had said that he wanted to try something new to spice up their budding relationship. Roleplay, or a crazier position, or something. He didn’t expect to find Jason clad in a wedding dress as he opened his bedroom door.

Jason was on his back, spread out on the rumpled sheets, thick arms in lacy gloves cradling his head, legs crossed. The dress was a tight cut at the waist, sleeveless, with a blood red sash. It was a ball gown silhouette, white satin and wispy chiffon hanging off the edges of the mattress. On his face was his infamous carefree smirk. 

"Wassup, Dickie?"

Dick can only stare. He doesn’t even notice as his bag slips from his arm and spills its contents on the floor. “What…How?” he finally manages to ask.

The Hood leans up, sitting on his heels. “Isn’t it fabulous?” he exclaims, fluffing the material. “Got this at that thrift store on Queen. Real bargin. Didn’t want it to go to waste.”

"But, why?" Dick moans. His cheeks are ablaze, and his palms are sweating. "I thought that we…I mean, it’s only been a couple weeks, I don’t think—"

Jason takes his partner’s face in his hands, taps their foreheads together, shutting Dick up. “Shh, shh, keep your panties on,” he smiles. “It’s not like that. Just thought I’d be fun to fuck around in cosplay.”

Dick begins to calm, hugging Jason close, burrowing into his neck. “It’s…It’s not that I don’t want to,” he says. “I mean…I just found you. I’m not losing you again.”

"I know." Jason kisses the top of his head. "We got lots of time. And if we both want to take it to the next step, we will."

Dick nods, “Yes, good.”

"Great. So, as I was saying—" Jason was interrupted as he’s roughly pushed back on the bed. "Ah, you do want to finish?” he laughs. 

Dick kneels between Jason’s spread legs. He reaches inside the dress, and slides off the red frilled garter. He bends it on his finger like a slingshot, shooting it at Jason. 

"Since you went to the trouble, I guess I do."

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